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Олег Белый “Переговоры с важными людьми. Переговоры без поражений”
28 сентября 2018, Минск
Ksenia Lazareva "Modeling of the shape and topography of lateral teeth in the biomimetic concept"
September 29-30, 2018, Minsk
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Ekaterina Skatova "CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY FROM TO TO P. Module K-CARIES - identification, prevention, treatment."
October 13-14, 2018, Minsk
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Dennis Tarnow "Инновации и противоречия в дентальной имплантации"
19-20 октября 2018, Москва
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Svetlana Valle "Service Professional override of the administrator"
October 27-28, 2018, Minsk
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Karen Cavushian "Adhesive ceramic restorations in the dental practice "
10 November 2018, Minsk
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Ilya Mer "Author's Protocol of Root Canal Instrumentation"
November 18, 2018, Minsk
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Vitaly Povolotsky "Complex methodology of the private dental clinic"
24 November 2018, Minsk
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Arnaldo Castellucci "Big two-year update: controversial topics in endodontics"
1-2 December 2018, Moscow
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Evgeny Rybalka "Problems of whole ceramic restorations and ways of their clinical solution"
January 26-27, 2019, Minsk
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Olga Tishkina, Ruslan Novomirsky "Injuries to permanent teeth - biological aspects of damage, first aid and aesthetic rehabilitation"
2 February 2019, Minsk
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Second International Forum on Children's Dentistry
February 8-9, 2019, Moscow
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Паскаль Манье "Адгезивные CAD/CAM реставрации боковой группы зубов"
2 марта 2019, Киев
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Джон Койс "Клинические аспекты протезирования на имплантатах для предсказуемого успеха"
25-26 мая 2019, Москва
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