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Upcoming Events

Sergei Barannikov "Kofferdam: Illusions and Reality"
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Michael Solomonov "Practical nuances of everyday endodontics. Part I"
August 26, 2017, Minsk
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Dmitry Rogatskin "Specialized course. Part III: Radiation diagnosis of the TMJ, 3D-visualization of dental and CHO injuries, cysts, tumors"

9-10 September 2017, Minsk

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24th specialized exhibition "MEDICINE AND HEALTH - 2017"
27-29 сентября 2017, Минск
Alexander Pershin, Pavel Yaroshevich "A team approach in dental implantation. Surgical and orthopedic view. Errors and complications of treatment.
October 1, 2017, Minsk
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Giulio Rasperini "Evolution of concepts and techniques in regenerative periodontal surgery"

October 7, 2017, Minsk

Maxim Golovin "Gnatology Time: A Course for Doctors and Dental Technicians"

October 21-22, 2017, Minsk

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Ilya Mer "Analysis of failures of endodontic treatment"

November 12, 2017, Minsk

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Dmitry Rogatskin "Specialized course. Part IV: Complex radio diagnostics in periodontology: Practical application of computed tomography.Master Class on work with CKTK software"
3-4 February 2018, Minsk
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Antonina Getsman "Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis in pediatric dentistry"

May 26-27, 2018, Minsk

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