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Upcoming Events

Victor Shcherbakov "Zen course for the restoration of anterior and lateral teeth"
24-25 February 2018, Minsk
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Максим Леснухин "Протоколы эстетической реабилитации: от одиночной имплантации к тотальной"
3-4 марта 2018, Минск
Fabio Gorni, Giuseppe Marchetti "Endo+resto"

March 4, 2018, Kiev

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Alexander Baburov VS Stefano Conti "Dental Battle"

March 11, 2018, Moscow

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Alexei Bolyachin "Retreatment of "re-treatment". Elimination of procedural errors arising during primary and repeated treatment of root canals. Features of endodontic treatment of injured teeth. Clinical tactics of dental treatment with resorption "
March 31-April 1, 2018, St. Petersburg
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Artavazd Zohrabyan "Augmentation of bone tissue according to the Protocol of Professor Curie: the use of autogenous bone blocks and autogenous bone chips. Basic principles"
April 21-22 2018, Minsk
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Yigal Granot "Face and jaw pain clinic"
April 28, 2018, Minsk
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Jeffrey Okeson "Occlusion: Dysfunction of the TMJ Orofacial Pain Facts and Fictions What should every dentist know?"
May 19-20, 2018, Minsk
Antonina Getsman "Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis in pediatric dentistry"

May 26-27, 2018, Minsk

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Giuseppe Marchetti "Direct restoration of frontal teeth"
8-9 June 2018, Poltava
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