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Upcoming Events

Christian Coachman "Smile design, interdisciplinary work In digital format and emotional dentistry"
2 декабря 2017, Санкт-Петербург
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Sergey Radlinsky "Master course in art restoration of teeth" master class with video demonstration
December 19-22, 2017, Poltava
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Sergei Barannikov "Cofferdam: the secrets of isolation or when the hands are untied"
November 26, 2017, Minsk
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Alexey Krasnozhon "Ice breaker of prosthetics"
January 27, 2018, Minsk
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Dmitry Rogatskin "Specialized course. Part IV: Complex radio diagnostics in periodontology: Practical application of computed tomography.Master Class on work with CKTK software"
3-4 February 2018, Minsk
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Александр Будовский "Избирательное пришлифовывание. Юстирование окклюзии"
10-11 февраля 2018, Минск
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Артавазд Зограбян "Наращивание костной ткани по протоколу профессора Кюри: использование аутогенных костных блоков и аутогенной костной стружки. Базовые принципы"
21-22 апреля 2018, Минск
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Yigal Granot "Face and jaw pain clinic"
April 28, 2018, Minsk
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Jeffrey Okeson "Occlusion: Dysfunction of the TMJ Orofacial Pain Facts and Fictions What should every dentist know?"
May 19-20, 2018, Minsk
Antonina Getsman "Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis in pediatric dentistry"

May 26-27, 2018, Minsk

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